Muddy Slug (WORM)


This is our LARGE Muddy Worm Kitchen (WORM range). It comes with:

  • A WORMERY. Easy to take apart and clean
  • Choose between SHOP DOORS or a BLACKBOARD.
  • HAND CRAFTED. Oozes quality!
  • A small range of wooden utensil
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We love our muddy slug kitchen from the WORM range. This model is the LARGE one. Its beautifully made with more space than the muddy worm kitchen which allows us to add extra exciting features onto the back of the kitchen such as shop doors or a larger blackboard. This creates a wonderful multi sensory play station, your children will never be bored and will have endless opportunities for imaginative play. They can explore and create for hours. With the muddy worm kitchen  you can encourage your children  to become  amazing investigators/explorers enthralled with the world around them, curious to know what they might discover  around each corner and under every stone. With the muddy worm kitchen,  children can hunt in the garden and beyond to discover the incredible range of creatures from worms, ants, insects & bugs that live in your garden. We will be developing a range of resources on how to build and look after your worms, however we will make sure we link you to some great resources to help you initially  get your mud kitchen wormery built. More into art, see these kitchens.

 So much more than a mud kitchen!

  • We have designed a WORMERY to fit perfectly into the back of your mud kitchen (you will need to supply your own worms). We have had so much fun building ours. This really is a brilliant activity for all the family. Plan how the wormery will be built, what materials you will need , investigate how to look after the worms and off you go. We can’t stop checking ours! Nothing beats hunting for worms and bugs, learning their real names, giving them pretend names and studying them under the magnifying glass. It really is incredible and so interesting. The wormery is made from perspex, is easily cleaned, taken apart and put back together.
  • With the  muddy worm kitchen you have the option of adding on SHOP DOORS which creates fantastic opportunities for role play.Your children can create a mud pie cafe, they can dream up disgusting recipes and serve them to their unsuspecting customers. What about a market stall to sell fruit and vegetables? The possibilities are endless and…
  • Find the SECRET word(s)
  • Write the names of your worms on the BLACKBOARD
  • Don’t forget outside of the wormery you have a fabulous mud kitchen equipped with bowls and hobs to start creating all kinds of mud related concoctions. Make sure all recipes are written down and photographs taken to record those happy memories.

Find the SECRET WORD and claim your small but perfectly formed prize

Our aim is to try and create the most exciting childrens products in the world. Hidden somewhere in all of our mud kitchens is a secret word(s). If you can discover the word it would be wonderful if your child felt able to draw a picture write a story or do whatever they enjoy  and send the results to us (email). Once received we will send back a small but perfectly formed prize to your child. Read more here.

What you get with your Mud Kitchen

  1. A WORMERY. Don’t worry its easy to take apart and clean.
  3. SECRET MESSAGE a pen/torch to find your secret message
  4. Choose between 3 STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS or 2 BOWLS with 4 HOBS
  5. Some WOODEN UTENSILS (We include some simple wooden spoons to get you started. We are trying to move away from plastic utensils)
  6. A product that OOZES QUALITY. Our mud kitchens are made from locally sourced external pressure treated timber.
  7. BEAUTIFUL WORKTOPS made from quality locally sourced external pressure treated timber. We use a top quality varnish that seals and protects the wood giving it a beautiful and long lasting finish that really shows of the grain of the wood. Choose between a light or dark stained worktop.
  8.  We use the popular Cuprinol Garden Shades range to add colour to your kitchen and bring it to life. Each kitchen gets 3 coats to protect it and make sure it lives ‘almost forever’ Choose your colour (the popular ones are included in the drop down box)

If your child is more interested in  the world of art, plants & vegetables then check out our ART mud kitchen range. They are great inside and outside!

Dimensions of the large mud kitchen are:

Height of worktop (from floor to worktop): 52cm  Overall height: 100cm  Length: 115cm Width: 46cm Weight:  23kg (approx)

We can make your mud kitchen to any dimensions you need, just get in touch!


Your bank records will show payment was made to Harry Was 8 Ltd. We named our business after Harry because our lives changed when he turned 8. You can read about our story in the ‘about’ section.

Hope thats as clear as mud ! Anne

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Urban Slate, Sea Grass, Beaumont Blue, Forget Me Not, Beach Blue, Sweet Pea, Sweet Sundae

Worktop Stain

Light Stain, Dark Stain

Bowls & Hobs

3 Bowl, 2 Bowl & 4 Hobs

Shop Doors or Blackboard

Shop Doors, Blackboard