Brilliant outdoor activities for kids

8 brilliant outdoor activities for kids We are always trying to come up with interesting outdoor activities to do as a family or when friends and family visit. As we all know, getting outside with the kids is essential. Its good for the whole family and provides important time together. If you live in the … Read more


Fun worm facts post picture

Fun facts about worms! One of the joys of having a mud kitchen to play with is our children get out into the garden to explore all the wonderful and exciting hidden creatures. Our favourite was always worms. What words spring to mind when you say ‘worms’ to kids? It’s usually some type of scream … Read more

3 Benefits of Muddy Play

I found it fascinating researching the benefits of play, mud and dirt etc. I didn’t need someone to tell me it was good for children to play. However it was really interesting learning about the scientific evidence that supports our children getting dirty! We need to escape the gaming and hand sanitisers. Run away from … Read more