Mud kitchens

Are Mud Kitchens worth it?

Absolutely yes! Our Mud Kitchen range encourages children to explore the world around them, developing maths, communication, literacy and investigative skills. However most importantly they get kids PLAYING. Escape technology for a moment and head to the woods to gather some leaves, twigs, stones and soil to make some yummy mud pies. Let your child’s imagination run wild. In a flash your child can become a potion maker, a mad scientist or a chef designing a mud kitchen recipe for the Queen of England. We have tried to create mud kitchens that have something of a ‘wow’ factor. We hope you find a kitchen you love. Our kitchens will keep your kids entertained for hours, inside or outside. Time for some fun!

Some of our popular Mud Kitchens


Q: What age are mud kitchens for?
A: They are generally aimed at children between 1-7, however we find that older children love them to. Mud/play kitchens are great for stimulating childrens imagination.

Q: Why is mud play important?
A: If you explore the early years foundation stage statuary framework you will see how mud kitchen play can facilitate child development. Its well worth a read.

Q: How do you make a mud kitchen?
A: Play Kitchens are generally made from old pallets or various grades of exterior wood. Be careful when buying one that you check the quality of the wood. We use quality exterior wood, which means the finish is of the highest quality. Check out our FAQ page for more answers to popular questions

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Amazing quality, highly recommended!

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Great product!

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We love our mud kitchen

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Who we are!

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Hello, we are Anne, Paul, Harry & Bear (the cat). We are based in lovely Devon and our mission is to try and make the most exciting and interactive kids products in the world, or at least Devon. So much thought has gone into designing our childrens mud kitchens which in our opinion ooze quality and so they should! Our kids mud kitchens are a high quality wooden toy designed to inspire your kids to play, explore, laugh, create and engage with the great outdoors and discover the artist hidden inside them! Read more about us and how our lives changed when Harry turned 8.

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